Rapid Mold

Rapid Mold


Asia Mechatronics builds its own rapid molds in 7075 aluminum, QC-7 aluminum, P-20 and hardened H-13 including slides and texturing in 15 to 21 calendar days .
We use our own off-the-shelf modular insert design to allow us to start machining core and cavity the day we receive final CAD data.
Part quality is equal to parts molded in U.S.-built precision P-20 production molds, with crisp parting lines, SPI standard surface finishes and part dimension tolerance to °”0.002°® (°”0.05mm) .
Mold modifications are done at low cost.
Production volumes of 10 to 100,000 parts are done at reasonable per part cost.
All commercially available plastic materials are available.
Mold cost is comparable to Mainland China mold prices but lead times are one-third.
Molds for export require one-time purchase of an exterior frame to receive the mold inserts. This exterior frame can be used for any modular insert in the same size range. Mold changes require approximately five minutes.



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